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About Evan

Evan McAuley is a Columbus resident and recent graduate of Ohio University School of Music, where he received his Masters of Music in Music History and Literature in 2021.  He is known for his patient and inviting style of teaching, and finds joy in helping students achieve their musical goals, no matter the size.

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Beginning Students

I make it my goal that each beginner (regardless of age) feels comfortable and confident at the instrument right away.  This is accomplished through creating a technical backbone for their studies, as well as learning superior and progressive repertoire to enhance their musicianship.

Intermediate Students

Intermediate students have the opportunity to branch out and truly discover the sound they wish to call their own.  I help them by introducing them to a variety of styles, while providing them with a stable (but not overwhelming) diet of technique and theory.

Advanced Students

As students progress even further in their studies, I simply wish to help them further their individual sound and accomplishments.  By increasing their comprehension of each style and continuing to put their musical toolbox to the test, advanced students can find success as lifelong musicians.

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