Sing it!

Sing any good melodies lately?

This tip might be scary for those shower singers or hummers: but I promise, it makes a world of difference. Being able to identify the contour and shape of a melody is so vital to a successful performance. So how else should we interpret and feel the melody than by singing it?

Now, I don’t recommend this tip for every piece (see: Beethovian arpeggiations), but being able to identify breaths in the music and where sensitivity is needed is key for certain passagework. Better yet, the composers who wrote the majority of the standard piano literature didn’t just write piano music: they also wrote orchestral suites, violin and flute sonatas, etc! So what’s the harm in imitating the rich sound of a violin in your Romantic literature?

How do you think singing a melodic line can help you in bringing out the intricacies of the melody?

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