Moving Hand Positions (Practice Tip)

I’ve talked a lot before about avoiding tension, and ways to alleviate it when you’re practicing. But there’s also some good tips to keep in mind as you’re practicing to avoid it creeping in at all. One such place where tension tends to occur is when we switch hand positions. If we’re held on a half or whole note, sometimes we get busy focusing on what the other hand’s doing and forget that our hand needs to move. First off: especially if you have some right after said held note, don’t feel like you need to hold for the full value; releasing an eighth or so beforehand will guarantee that you don’t go into a panic trying to find where your hand has to go next. Second: remember to practice releasing comfortably from the keys while your other hand is playing. It’s very easy for us to only worry about the hand that’s got more work and forget about anything else.

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