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Intermediate Students


Students who are beginning to master theoretical and musicianship concepts are able to play full and enticing works by some of the world's most famous composers.  I encourage my students to strive for their own personal goals at the instrument, while simultaneously providing them with engaging repertoire to satiate their appetite for extravagant performances.


In keeping an eclectic collection of music and pedagogical repertoire, my students can find their favorite composers and styles, while working towards making themselves well-rounded musicians.


Dr. Jane Magrath's The Pianist's Guide to Standard Teaching and Performance Literature (1995) provides an abundance of pedagogical tools for both the student and teacher in determining meaningful repertoire and pianistic stepping stones for intermediate and early-advanced students.  In her continued catalogue of the RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) leveling system, students can progress successfully into more challenging and virtuosic repertoire.

Intermediate Students: Student Testimonials

Intermediate Students: The Curriculum

I often get questions on which books intermediate students should look for when studying.  I strive to introduce my students to their preferred repertoire, while giving them a healthy balance of each compositional style.  Additionally, it is critical that each student find the perfect medium between advancement in technical exercises and continued interest in their musicianship.  So many students can be overwhelmed with necessary scales, theory, and ear training; I always aim to make these digestible.

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