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Advanced Students

Advanced students are able to study the most prestigious and powerful works at their instrument.  Students at this level receive critical technical and musicianship feedback, which in turn helps them mold both a diligent practice regimen and a competency for musical phrasing throughout a variety of styles.

Advanced Students: Lessons
Sheet Music

Finding a Healthy Balance

As someone who loves the style of late Romanticism, I can sympathize with students who struggle to find sound and merit in their least favorite compositional styles.  However, the necessity to learn and comprehend each of their stylistic goals and tendencies is quite critical for advanced students.  The tools and specifications truly make it possible for pianists to hone in on each composer's soundscape.  It also provides musicians with context for the predecessors of a certain style; the abundance of Theme and Variation compositions prove this to be so.

Advanced Students: About Me
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